Michael Haynes

Vice President of Business Development and Sales

Haynes is vice president of business development and sales at Your6™. A builder of relationships and connector of people, Haynes is firmly entrenched in the Austin community with an extensive network of friends, business leaders, and other influencers.

He is responsible for making the initial introductions between Your6™ and potential partners in the business community, relying on his 30 years of experience in servicing relationships in Austin with the Capital Printing Company, which is a major sponsor of Habitat for Humanity.

Haynes is a member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Gives Engagement Committee and was the recipient of the Austin Gives Volunteer of the Year award for 2016. He also serves on the board of Communities for Recovery and is passionate about working with people suffering from addiction.

Many of Haynes’ friends and family are in the military, giving him a firsthand account of the challenges many veterans face when leaving the armed forces. His son has served in the Navy for eight years, and many of his wife’s family members served as Marines in Desert Storm.

In a different life, Haynes raced cars and motorcycles and was a semi-professional skydiver for about seven years.