Doug Quitmeyer

Founder & CEO

Veteran Staff Sgt. Doug Quitmeyer is the founder & CEO at Your6™ and brings eight years of elite military experience to the executive leadership team. As VP of product development, Quitmeyer is responsible for product modeling, networking with VSOs and veterans, designing business strategy and conducting market research.

Quitmeyer was a member of the 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (1/75), where he was both a sniper team leader and team leader. While with the 1st Ranger Battalion, Quitmeyer executed multiple deployments in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Quitmeyer left the 75th Ranger Regiment to become a liaison instructor with Naval Special Warfare. While there, he was responsible for developing, auditing and updating training curriculum, as well as training in tactics, techniques, and procedures in a land warfare environment.

Following his discharge, Quitmeyer became an instructor in firearms tactics for police officers. Eventually, he presented his resume to a state workforce commission, which recommended positions as an exterminator or security guard based on his military skills, a verdict that left Quitmeyer disenchanted and disheartened with how veterans are perceived in the civilian workplace.

His experience left a burning desire to change how people—especially veterans—are hired. As a natural teacher and coach, Your6™ provides Quitmeyer an outlet to change people’s awareness of their own capabilities and potential, a trait born during his military career and which extends into his work as a civilian.

Quitmeyer has a bachelor’s degree from St. Edward’s University in interdisciplinary studies, with a focus on business management and communication.

In his spare time, Quitmeyer enjoys shooting long guns, supporting and sponsoring veterans, playing with his two daughters, working out and engaging in the occasional philosophical debate.